Sid Korpi is a professional dabbler in many arts. An award-winning actress, writer, dancer and artist, her latest passion is painting in acrylic. Sid is a believer that all forms of art are essential to one’s soul. She is aself-professed animal lover, having three rescue dogs (Westies Ambrose and Blanche and Doberman Fern), eight finches (Atticus, Jem, Scout, Calpurnia and their offspring), as well as a large aquarium of fish. A former English teacher, and literal tree hugger, she draws much of her inspiration from literature and the natural world.

  1. Actress
    Sid Korpi has been acting on stage and in films for more than 30 years. She was awarded the Best Actress in a Zombie Movie award for her role in "Attack of the Moon Zombies," (true story!) and has starred in "House of Ghosts," "The Bequeather" and "The Giant Spider." For several years, she was a lead actress with the Murder Mystery Company. As a Standardized Patient for the University of Minnesota Medical School, she portrays patients with any number of ailments, ranging from paranoid schizophrenia to chronic itching, and she can cry on cue.
Nonconformist: One who does not conform to, or refuses to be bound by, accepted beliefs, customs, or practices.